Dandelion Necklace
Dandelion Necklace
Dandelion Necklace
Dandelion Necklace

Dandelion Necklace

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In an effort to raise more awareness of sepsis and support for the charity, £10 from the sale of every dandelion necklace will be donated to The UK Sepsis Trust.

This necklace has been specially created with the aim of raising awareness of sepsis and in particular sepsis in children. There are 25,000 child cases of sepsis in the UK every year. This means it is more common than cases of heart attacks, yet the knowledge and understanding of this infection isn’t comparable. The scale and significance of the devastation it can cause to patients and their families is overwhelming. 

The disease is not fully understood, with treatment still proving highly challenging. One of the main aims of the Sepsis Trust charity is to promote public and professional awareness of the condition and to improve the early recognition and treatment of sepsis. Something which is incredibly important in infants and very young children who are particularly vulnerable to sepsis, given that the symptoms are subtle, can come on very quickly and can be mistaken for those of other illnesses and conditions. 

Sterling silver disc (15mm) with a delicately engraved dandelion. Each disc can be personalised with a hand-stamped initial and comes on an 18" sterling silver trace chain. This necklace is made to order so please allow 7-10 days for your jewellery to be made and delivered. 

The dandelion design has been chosen for a number of reasons: 

  • Knowledge The dandelion in its puff ball state can spread its seeds up to 5 miles with only a gentle breeze to help it on its way. Spreading the awareness of sepsis and it’s symptoms can hopefully lead to cases being treated early enough to save lives. Just a little knowledge can go a long way.  
  • Strength – Dandelions are flowers that can persevere through difficult living conditions. Because of this, they are considered as symbols of strength and overcoming all of the difficult moments in life.
  • Remedy – Dandelion leaves have been used to cure many illnesses and pains, and as with sepsis if the right treatment is provided early then it can be cured. 

Each necklace also comes with an information card about how to spot the signs of paediatric sepsis and the work of The UK Sepsis Trust (registered charity number 1158843).

This necklace was made in memory of Mia Emily Clarke who sadly lost her fight against sepsis. She was only 14 months old, but for the very short life Mia had, she had an enormous impact on so many lives. 

Up until that point I really didn’t have any knowledge of sepsis and how life threatening it is. Nor did I have much understanding of the symptoms to look out for or how incredibly important it is to act fast especially in younger children. Mia’s family and friends have donated to the UK Sepsis Trust, a charity that raises awareness of the condition, not only to the general public, but for health professionals, so that early diagnosis can help save lives. It is hoped that in helping raise awareness of sepsis that more cases can be caught early enough to be treated.

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